Testimonial 1


I am writing to thank you for the incredible job you have done for us. Most recently, you and your attorney’s assistance with transferring 16 of our rental properties into land contracts but also for all the other 20 plus transactions you have handled for us. Based on my experience, I don’t know of any other settlement attorney or title company that are as knowledgeable and creative as you are. We are especially grateful for how fair your fees are and for how you reduce them, whenever you can, without us even having to ask.

Again, based on my experience, your fees are about half of what I have had to pay other closing companies and attorneys. We don’t know how you do it but we sure do appreciate it.

And last but not least, I cannot say enough about your availability and skill in communicating with us. You never leave us hanging and always get back to us within a few minutes, if we can’t reach you immediately.